Sensual Teasing When Wifey’s Home

There’s a special thrill to fetish phone calls snuck in when the wife or girlfriend is just out of earshot, knowing she could discover your kinky little submissive desires at any minute – knowing she could catch you, cock in hand, humiliated and deeply aroused all at once.

When my submissive males aren’t alone, I love to tease them and make them ache for me. Last night I did just that.

I’ve got this caller… he’s married and a workaholic, so he’s hit or miss, but very open and responsive. He’s vanilla – mostly.


He’s got a little weakness for tease and denial, which is my preferred tool of subtle feminine dominant manipulation. When a dominant woman slips a collar around your cock and wraps you up in a velvet leash you’ll follow her lead anywhere.

He followed my lead from his mobile phone. In the bathtub. At home. While his wife was home – and very close by. He couldn’t speak, just type and listen, which rendered him effectively helpless to control or resist my teasing.

It started when I received this tempting email:


Not sure if you will recall but we’ve spoken a few times and we did an erotic story together about a man and a pro teasing him. Anyway wife is home, I’m in the tub browsing Nf on the mobile and was intrigued to be teased without speaking. Care to work me up?


I won’t post what I sent him but I will say that my phone rang less than two minutes after hitting send. He was effectively gagged (with my panties, as the call progressed) while I described the scene: Him, in the tub, naked and vulnerable to his very sneaky mistress (and Mistress). Me, finding the bathroom door unlocked, and dressed to take full advantage of his lingerie fetish in a black lace bustier and matching panties under a little black satin kimono robe. I described every detail, knowing he’d linger on them – the soft click of my stiletto heels on the tile floor, the sheen of the baby oil I rubbed into my legs as I teased him with panty peeks, the beads of water rolling down my skin as I held his wrists against the rim of the tub and forced him to hold his orgasm back one more moment.

All he could do was surrender. In true submissive fashion he let the voice of his Domme enfold him, set his own desires aside and ultimately yielded to my will.

When I opened my email again after the call, I saw he’d been enthusiastically texting me during the session. I’d been pressing his buttons just right.

There’s a communion that occurrs when a domme and sub have the right kind of chemistry. You’ve felt it – the connection between the two of you, the intensity when you switch over from purely kinky BDSM play to the spark of power exchange. You start to read each others’ signals unthinkingly, instinctively. The scene goes where it needs to – not always where you envisioned.

It can happen even from a distance, even over the phone – and it can take you over even in those stolen moments when your wife is home.

Call or email me to find out.

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  2. Mark Says:

    I’m the lucky husband in the story above and I have to tell you that if you are looking for the world’s champion sensual tease look no further. Sabrina doesn’t just read minds she reads cocks too. She is extraordinary.

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